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Use Social Media to Get Recruited!

A little over a week ago, we received a Direct Message on Instagram from a high school baseball player asking about social media and the recruiting process. The message was "Hi, I am a freshman at a very small school in and I was wondering if it would benefit me to make an Instagram dedicated to baseball so I can get my name out there." I love when we get questions like this because social media and the baseball recruiting process are something that we are very passionate about. Social media is something that is not going away anytime soon and having a good social media presence as a high school athlete is something that is only going to benefit your recruitment to college baseball programs.

When I got to college one of my coaches told me something that motivated me to start this Baseball Authority account and grow it to over 30,000 followers. He said "Treat your social media accounts like a resume." I took this and ran with it, your social media accounts should highlight yourself in a positive manner and be something that you can hand over in a job application to show the interviewer a peak of what your passionate about. The same can be true for an athlete in the recruiting process and we recommend all of our athletes who are in the recruiting process to make separate accounts dedicated to their athletic and scholar achievements.

Social media can offer a ton of opportunities as long as it is used properly.

Steps to maximize your new accounts. 1) Set your account to public. 2) Follow and like athletic programs that you are interested in. 3) Follow and communicate with other athletes and baseball accounts in the community ( @baseballauthority )😉 4) Showcase your abilities! Post highlight videos of yourself, baseball/academic awards, and any baseball related things you like. 5) Stay consistent, post regularly, be active in the community, and most importantly avoid any inappropriate content. Post only positive content!

Remember, your social media accounts can have a significant impact on your college recruiting process. These accounts could be the first impression a college coach has of you. What do you want them to think when viewing your profiles? I can guarantee that coaches look at each and every potential recruits social media accounts and if they do not like what they see they will move on to the next recruit. For example, obviously athletic ability is one of the biggest deciding factors when recruiting a player. What would happen if there was two recruits similar in athletic ability, but there is only one roster spot available at a certain college? Academics and a recruits character become the deciding factor in who they bring in. By being responsible on social media and showcasing your abilities, both in the classroom and on the field you can get yourself recruited! If you have any questions let me know! Just feel free to direct message us @baseballauthority or @prestonamato_ba. I would also recommend creating a new email dedicated to your baseball recruitment. Maximize the opportunities that are in front of you and don't have any regrets during this exciting process. When the time comes and you make your commitment make sure you share it with us so we can feature your accomplishment on our page!👊🏻

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