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Rawlings REV1X Glove Introduction

Who: Rawlings (@rawlingssg)

What: REV1X Innovative Glove


When: Released July 15th 2021

Price: $399.95

After years of lab developing and testing, Rawlings released their new game changing glove... the 2022 REV1X. Engineers worked with some of the top players in the game to develop this glove, including Francisco Lindor. You may have seen Lindor wearing the REV1X earlier in the year before it was released, he has a variety of custom REV1X's in his glove lineup that he has worn all season.

The glove features an immense amount of new technology to make it a revolutionary glove including a 3D-printed lattice structure in the thumb and pinky that provides stiffness and allows gloves to be more durable. The back also feature a multi layer design that is 3D molded and is proven to also be more durable.

Rawlings created and released 4 different models of the REV1X:

Two Infield Gloves

One Infield/Pitchers Glove

One Outfield Glove

We just got our hands on a REV1X and had to shoot some video with it. You can check that video out by clicking here! We will have a full breakdown of the glove coming this Friday on our YouTube channel as well as a blog to go a long with it. In the future, we will also be receiving an in depth look at the process of how this glove was designed by the engineers behind the glove!

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