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Our Thoughts On: College Baseball Players Showing Emotion

This past weekend was Opening Weekend for College Baseball. We saw some big time pitches being made all around the league in big time spots. There were a handful of viral videos going around showing pitchers getting hyped, screaming at their dugout, fist pumping and what not after they got a big strikeout. One of the most notable ones was Tommy Mace from Florida, screaming and showing tons of emotion after he K’d up a Miami player with the bases loaded early in the game. It was sick.

There were some people that were not too happy about these “antics” on the baseball field. In today's world, there always seems to be members of the no-fun-police lurking around anything that has to do with the game of baseball. Many people saying “act like you’ve done it before” and “scouts are going to cross him off the list now” and stupid stuff like that. This is baseball, let the kids play. The game has changed and people have to accept that. Imagine getting butthurt over a college pitcher getting hyped after blowing a fastball by the batter in a big spot in the game. I know there will always be trolls on the internet, but there were far too many comments about how pitchers showing emotion on the mound is unacceptable. Emotion is a part of the game. Anyone who has played baseball, or any sport for that matter, knows this. It shouldn’t be contained, it is meant to be let out.

We also have to remember, this was the longest off-season in the history of college baseball. These kids have been itching and dying to get back out on that field. Their season was cut short last year due to Covid, out of nowhere. No warning. Nothing. These kids love the game and are so passionate about what they do. They could care less what you think about them getting fired up after a big strikeout. They’ve been working for this moment their entire life and I can promise you they aren’t going to take any game, any inning, or any batter for granted. Last year showed us that anything can happen in the blink of an eye.

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Landon Sims, Mississippi State, RHP


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