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MLB Report Finds Red Sox Stealing Signs in 2018

MLB's investigation into the Boston Red Sox's sign stealing during the 2018 revealed a far lesser scheme than the Houston Astros. Therefore, the Red Sox punishment was far less than the Astros.

The Punishment: Video replay room operator JT Watkins has been suspended for 2020, while Boston will forfeit its second-round draft pick. Former manager, Alex Cora is also suspended for 2020 for his action as Astros bench coach in 2017.

The Red Sox second round pick (52) carried a slot value of $1,403,200, so that will be removed from their overall bonus pool.

The Red Sox today released the following statement from President & CEO Sam Kennedy in response to Major League Baseball’s report:

Similar to the Astros Scandal, after an offseason owners meeting, Manfred said that regardless of the findings, Red Sox players would not face any punishment.

In 2017, the Red Sox were fined an undisclosed amount for using a smartwatch device in a sign stealing scheme and assured the commissioner that there would be no future violations of this type.

In 2018, Manager Alex Cora led the Red Sox to a 108 win season and a World Series Championsip. From the report, players remain confused about what constitutes cheating. "Red Sox players did not believe that MLB rules prohibited them from using in-game video to decode a pitcher’s sign sequences."

The full league findings will be released later Wednesday night.

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