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LSU Batters Florida and Swings Their Way to a Seventh CWS Title

Well folks, pour one out for the Florida Gators, because they just got served a piping hot plate of jambalaya seasoned with a bitter taste of defeat. The LSU Tigers, not to be tamed, clawed their way back from a Game 2 shellacking to trample the Gators 18-4 in the deciding Game 3 of the College Baseball World Series.

Now, let me tell you – if you're a fan of underdog stories, comeback tales, and record-shattering performances, then this game was your World Series holy grail. In a display of resilience that would make a cat with nine lives jealous, the Tigers roared back from their Game 2 loss, flipping the script – and the table – on the unsuspecting Gators​.

Just when the Gators thought they had a jump on the Tigers, scoring first with a two-run homer in the bottom of the first inning, the Tigers said, "Hold my beer." Florida's early lead would be their first, last, and only lead of the game. LSU's Jordan Thompson responded with an RBI single, setting the stage for an onslaught that would leave the Gators wishing they were back in the swamp​​.

A bases-loaded hit by pitch and a walk later, the Tigers had a 3-2 lead. But folks, they were far from finished. Tommy White and Gavin Dugas both hit RBI singles to stretch the lead to 6-2 LSU. It was clear the Tigers had come to play, and they weren't going to be satisfied with just a few scratches​​.

In the top of the fourth inning, Thompson again came through with an RBI single, Josh Pearson added a two-run homer, and Cade Beloso hit an RBI single to make it a whopping 10-2 Tigers. That's right, folks, the Tigers were on the prowl and the Gators were simply in the way​.

The star of the night, Thatcher Hurd, showed off his pitching prowess, giving up only two runs on two hits, with seven strikeouts, and two walks over six innings. The UCLA transfer proved to be the secret weapon Coach Jay Johnson and the Tigers needed. They tacked on another run in the top of the seventh, leaving the Gators with a mere consolation run from a solo homer​.

LSU wasn't done piling on the runs, adding three more in the top of the eighth and four in the ninth. The cherry on top was a two-run homer by Jobert, pushing the lead to a jaw-dropping 18-4. Guidry sealed the deal, getting the last three outs in the ninth, and the celebration was on for the LSU Tigers. They clinched their seventh national championship in school history and the first under the helm of Coach Johnson​.

So, there you have it, folks. The LSU Tigers are your 2023 College Baseball World Series Champions. And they didn't just win; they stomped, clawed, and roared their way to victory. Hats off to the Tigers for a game well-played and a championship well-deserved.

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