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CC Sabathia is Now JACKED

Following his retirement in October of 2019, C.C Sabathia has been busy shredding the weight and getting jacked.

Ryan Ruocco of the “R2C2 Podcast” that C.C co-hosts confirmed on social media that a photo circulating of a jacked Sabathia really was him and was not photo shopped. Most big leaguers retire and ride into the sunset enjoying relaxing on the golf course and eating whatever they want, but not C.C. Instead, he has ended up in even better shape than when he played in the league.

During his baseball career, he weighed in close to an even 300 pounds. During his final years in the bronx Sabathia battled multiple injuries including a nagging knee injury that ultimately required surgery. Following surgery in 2018, the lefty went to a vegan diet to work on his weight and recover efficiently. One can only wonder if C.C Sabathia was in that good of shape his entire baseball career how long would he have been able to pitch at a high level.

Sabathia pitched 19 years in the major leagues, beginning with his time as a Cleveland Indianas a 20-year-old. He finished his career with one Cy Young award, an American League Championship Series MVP award, and six All-Star appearances. He finished his career with 251 wins. On April 30, 2019, became the 17th pitcher in MLB history to reach 3,000 strikeouts.

Is C.C Sabathia a Hall Of Famer?

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